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Tenant FAQ

Q: What should I do if I have a maintenance request?

A: If you are having maintenance issues please contact our office at 813-321-0166. If it is afterhours or on the weekend and it is an emergency, please call 813-321-0166 and click option 1. If it is not an emergency please call the regular office line to leave a message and we will get back to you the next business day.

Q: What should I do if my roommate is moving out?

A: If your roommate decides he or she would no longer like to reside at our property, he/she must send in a notice to vacate letter. You must also submit proof that you can afford to live at the property without your roommates help.

Q: If my roommate does move out does he/she get their half of the security deposit back?

A: No, the security deposit stays with the signed lease. It is your responsibility to make arrangements with them to give their share back to them.

Q: What if I want to get a pet?

A: If you are thinking of getting a pet, you must submit a request with the type and breed of the animal. You must do this prior to getting the animal. We have certain breed restrictions you must follow, due to insurance restrictions. The pet fee is $250 Non-Refundable pet fee per pet.

Q: Why do I have a late fee on my account?

A: If your rent is not in our office by 5:00pm on the 3rd of every month, you are considered late. An initialĀ $50 late fee, and then $10 for each additional day, will be accumulated until paid. Any money you pay for rent will then be posted to the late fees first and your rent 2nd.

Q: I sent my rent in the mail this month, why do I have a late fee on my account?

A: Once we receive your rent payment in the mail, we will look at the postmarked date on the envelope. If your envelope is dated before the 3rd of the month we will take the fee off.

Q: Can I paint the interior or exterior of the home?

A: Before you paint the home please contact us to find out if it is allowed by the owner. In most cases the owners do not mind if you paint the interior as long as it is the neutral color. But please call first. We do not allow the exterior to be painted.

Q: Can I have a satellite dish installed?

A: Please call the office and ask. Every home is a case by case bases.